I did warn you.

I never want to talk about what happened.


They had built roads and bridges.


Anderson hasn't being charged with anything.

Both leaders should be brought together to bring down the curtain on generations of feuding between the two clans.

I'd just like to have a quick conversation with Valentin before we leave.

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Leads was carrying a duffel bag and a guitar case.

First, Kelly read several passages from the Bible.

Grief is not linear or predictable.

I thought you were leaving town.

You look so keen.

Sridhar is convinced that something is wrong with Woody.

Galen forced me to do that.

Guide dogs help blind people.

Look that word up in the dictionary.

We'll discuss it.

We're grateful for your assistance.

We couldn't agree on anything.

I did nothing all day.


I think you should help her.

It's not effective.

What does Gunnar know about this?

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In the long run, we can save a lot of money by buying this machine.

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They were young and foolish.

Ceres is named after the Roman goddess of growing plants, harvest, and motherly love.

He does nothing but watch TV all day long.


I might as well tell you, too.

Rik came up with some pretty good ideas.

If you don't hurry, you'll be late for your appointment.

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I want Kurt brought to justice.

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Mr. Jarvis Lorry, are you a clerk in Tellson's bank?


I thought you'd want butter on your toast.

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I'll be in the attic.

I will study English at home.

I don't remember how the story ended.


He is a tough cookie.


Robert used to help his father in the store on weekends.

He is always late for school.

I have wrapped these glasses so that they will not break.

Clean up that mess.

We are very well known.

I take back my words.

I'm ordering a steak. I suggest you do the same.

Come over here and help me.

Travis is sleeping on his bedroll.

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I've been alone so long.


She cuts a beautiful figure in that black suit.

We could be here a while.

I knew Vidhyanath was going to do that.


I am being paranoid, aren't I?

Liza wants two of us to go to Boston with him on Monday.

It took a while for Art to react.

There is space under the bed.

Water the plants.

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I'm straight.

Raanan promised Lowell that he'd be home by 5:30.

We're a little busy here.


He had a kind word and a pleasant smile for everyone.

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Write your goals down.

Nobody's sitting here.

God created me.

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

Piercarlo died of internal injuries.

How many eggs were you able to get yesterday?

I had to work last weekend.

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Everyone in the girls' class brought their own lunch.

That stuff is poison.

Show me your passport, please.

Accidents happen.

You apparently haven't known the pain of catfish sting.

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I passed behind him without being noticed.


What do you say we get back to work?

Please call if you find out anything.

The paint is still wet.


I'll go with him.

I think you should meet Ralph.

Thad gave Ranjit a big hug.

Sue and I have always got on well.

I enjoyed the party a lot.

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If I'd paid attention, I would've known what to do.

I can't go abroad this year.

You're not answering the question.

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Turn off the TV, will you?

Her one wish was to return and see her only daughter one last time.

He is the more capable of the two boys.

Kusum has more important things to do.

I can read Chinese fairly well, but I can't write it very well.

It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Some staff members at health clubs ought to be trained in the proper use of a defibrillator.


We're credible.

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I have some personal business to take care of.

Don't point your finger at me.

I can make sure that doesn't happen again.

When you die, I will be happy.

Nancy doesn't know what'll happen.

I wish you could've met her.

Dieter put his glass down.

He went so far as to hit her.

Heidi was disappointed.

Rodger inserted a disk.

We live near the dike.


We are worn out, because we have been uniting all day.

You can always tell what any individual wants most by what he does.

Is there something you want to tell me?


Jesse rejected our offer.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me you loved me.

Triantaphyllos shakes his spear in anger at bear.

I am not like you.

The roses that you gave me are very beautiful.


Jeremy has started to improve.

The poor child suffers from hay fever.

I knew Santa would like Walter.

How does this disease spread?

I changed my clothes.

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Salmon is my favorite fish to eat.

My granddaughter is listening to my wife.

I am sure the condition will turn for the better.


I am sure you have met Catherine.


He quit smoking for the sake of his health.

I don't like lying to Shyam.

I'll come round tomorrow evening.

You can get a loan from a bank.

What he said turned out to be false.


We just hired Bradley.


Johnny handed Vassos a bag of sunflower seeds.

You've come a long way, Donne.

I think I can get a lot better.


Pierce is thirty.


I just wanted to call my mom.

Let's get our photograph taken.

All you need is a little sleight of hand in your accounting to make people think your company is profitable.


He said that it would probably rain.

I couldn't kill them.

Planning the wedding before proposing is putting the cart before the horse.

Maybe that should change.

Hans often asks me questions.

Would you like to take a crack at the job?

Young children usually have short attention spans.

I want you to come back.

They came to redeem their jewellery.

Where are we exactly?

I told Vidhyanath we are friends.

The boy was almost drowned.

It was like this.

The dog growled.

Skip slept more than twelve hours yesterday.

Parliament members had a raucous argument over the Wiretapping Law.

I fixed a small leak in the roof of her shed.

I've never met a Canadian I didn't like.

In the morning I always drink a cup of coffee.


Which one is cheaper?

I am playing guitar.

I think I can do it in my spare time.


What do you think about when you go to sleep?

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You don't have to hide.

What's the matter with it?

I did not see her for a long time.


I can't shut it down.